Monday, 24 February 2014

Hands 0, Cannons 0

A game of AFL 9's last night proved fruitless for both my business and my ego. No hand injuries, the Camberwell South Cannons got smashed, and I only bagged the one goal from two attempts. First goal for the season, so I shouldn't be too upset.

To date, I've seen about 6 of the boys on the team and one of the WAG's. Three mallet fingers, two collateral ligament sprains, an arthritic thumb, and one scapho-lunate ligament sprain. All responded brillantly to a bit of reassurance, some thermo-plastic, time and the right exercises.

Oh that it should be that easy all the time. The difference with the Cannons is that they are my mates, they know what I do, and they know I take little injuries seriously. So that then, is the aim of this blog. To spread the word about hand and upper limb injury in sport, and to let people know that if they don't treat a sore hand with respect, it will usually continue to be sore. Which is where I can help.

Look after those fingers,