Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Looking forward to it, and to it being over!
It's 9:00 am on a day when I don't see patients. I day I have identified as being suitable to devote wholly to getting my presentation on the management of hand injury in sports for the Australian Hand Therapy Conference next month sorted. 

I have been in front of the lap top for an hour now. Twitter is updated (nice banter with @mike_hayton), Linked In is updated for both ISSPORTH and Sporting Hands, the roof racks have been cleaned (don't mention the Discovery), I've had a cup of tea, breakfast and two glasses of water. Haven't opened the presentation yet. 

Great work Josh, Go Dees!
I'm procrastinating for no good reason other than I can't focus. My football team play a preliminary final in three days, win that (as they should) and they are through to the Grand Final for the fourth year in a row. Is there something else I could have done for the player with the acute boutonniere? He's playing of course, but what else could I offer? Or what about the rookie player for another team who got dropped after four years without a senior game. Could I have helped him more after his FDP tendon avulsion, to get him back sooner and help him make his mark? The mate of mines' kid, who has a double dislocation of his thumb in outback Australia playing football. I told them to ice it, and protect it, and to keep him away from sport for a time, which was more than they got from the hospital... could I have done more? 

The short answer is yes, but probably no. They all got the best I had to offer then, and it's unlikely I'd change anything even with hindsight because they all got back to the game. My minds clear now, thanks for letting me purge, I'll get back to my game. 

GO HAWKS, look after those fingers!