Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What would Tommy Say?

Do you think Tommy Hafey would have spent much time concerned about PIP joint volar plate injuries? Would he have given any thought to a player that complained about jarring his wrist, or spraining a collateral ligament? 

Tommy Hafey played and coached Australian Rules Football at the highest level at a time when the game really was ferocious. He was a hard man, and had high expectations of his teamates and himself. Tommy maintained a rigorous exercise regime right up into his 80's; waking a 5:20 every morning to run 7k, swim in the bay, do 250 pushups and then 700 crunches. He died yesterday aged 82.

I think Tommy Hafey the footballer and coach would have put injuries to fingers and hands pretty low down the pecking order. However, from all accounts, Tommy was a man who showed genuine interest in everyone and everything they did, not just how well they played footy.

I saw Tommy occasionally down at Sorrento when I was out running or paddling in the early morning. He always had a smile, and although he didn't know me, always asked how I was going. I think Tommy Hafey the man would not have ridiculed an athlete who complained of a sore finger as long as that athlete showed the same level of commitment to their sport and their health, that Tommy did. Thanks for the smiles mate, and rest in peace Tommy "T-shirt" Hafey.

Look after those fingers,


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