Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What's the matter with Jason?

Don't worry mate, we'll get this sorted
Jason Day, one of the best and most successful golfers Australia has ever produced, has a problem with his thumb. I don't know much else. I could possibly find out, but to be honest, I probably still wouldn't understand what the issue was unless I was to actually have a look at him myself. If he did come down to Melbourne, here's what I'd do. 

  1. I'd get a decent history. I'd find out when the symptoms started. Did he hit a rock or a tree as suggested somewhere on the net. Has he changed his swing around that time? Did he play more around that time? Did he trial new gear around that time? There is always a reason, things don't just happen. 
    Seriously, don't stress. You're on the right track now!
  2. I wouldn't look at any scans.
  3. What has he done so far to manage it? What has helped to manage it? What has been of no use at all? What does he need to do and when?
  4. I still wouldn't look at any scans.
  5. I'd start assessing his hand, wrist, and arm. Sensation, strength, pain, stability, provocative manoeuvres etc. Probably look at his cervical spine and shoulder girdle too.
  6. I might look at scans now. 
    A scan
  7. I'd find out when he gets the pain. Is it at rest? Is it during his swing? His downswing? At impact? At follow through? In the middle of a round? At the start or end of training? Putting vs chipping vs driving? Fades vs power? During any non-golfing activity?
  8. We might go to the range so I could watch him hit a few balls. I might video this.
  9. I'd reassess his hand and wrist based on what I had seen and based on what Jase (we're mates now) had told me.
  10. I would remember at all times that Jason is the golf expert and I am the hand expert. 
    The plan would be unlikely to include this bloke!
  11. We would then develop a plan based on a thorough understanding of the injury and a complete understanding of what Jason needs his thumb to do.
  12. The plan might be a period of rest, it might be splinting, it almost definitely would include strengthening, it might be surgery, it might need advice from others including swing guru's like Ryan Lumsden. It would be a plan that Jason would have to buy into completely. 
There has to be an answer. There has to be a way to getting my new mate Jase back to playing quality golf. It's all starts with asking the right questions.

Look after those fingers,


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