Thursday, 9 July 2020

Just When I Think I'm Out...

So close. There was always talk about a second wave, but we all thought we'd be right. Well I did. So did, obviously, those who started to flout sensible advice like washing hands and social distancing. The result is that the city I live in has gone back into lockdown. I can't escape to the beach for a surf this time either. It's a hardcore lockdown. Not that the idiots running around the park this morning in packs of 4 to 8 seemed to think anything of it. I didn't say anything; just crawled into my little car and screamed at the world. 

Raynauds, keep it simple.
It's hard to build back into the mindset I had for the initial lockdown. I was pretty productive then. Updated website, updated protocols, video consults, research paper, a bit of learning. Even made a street library and stocked it with old books. The patients that did come through got extra attention and great results. Numbers started to climb and so did my confidence in myself and my clinics. Then everything stopped again. Just, like, that.

A full session yesterday was cut by 75%. I was so cranky. Then Carol bought me a croissant. Then Antonio walked past the clinic with wave and a ridiculously big grin on his face. He does that every day at 9:15am. He said his hands were cold. I couldn't understand much else given the mask and his Italian English, but the fact that his fingers were white meant he was probably a bit uncomfortable. I grabbed a pair of arthritis gloves, put them on him and sent him on his way back down the road with his wheely walker and his smile. 

And then I had a young patient who had never had any help following a traumatic elbow fracture dislocation whilst playing footy ten months ago. He'd regained full movement, but it was a bit clumsy, his strength was off and his sensation was messed up. All he wanted to do was to play footy again, and get ready for the cricket season. Given the fact that he was pretty much an open book, the question was where to start. 

Thank you Alison #walkadifferentdirection
We did a lot of talking. He asked a lot of questions, I offered reassurance and something different for me, Kinesiotape. Now, I'm not going to say that Alison Taylor is a genius, even if she wanted me to and even though it may be true. I missed her presentation at the Asian Pacific Hand conference due to COVID so have been looking at and trying to work out some of her treatment methods online. I must admit, much of it I don't yet understand. I do understand and appreciate her primary message though. That message is that she gives us all as clinicians, the power to say "I'm going to have a crack at that", even if we haven't tried it before and even if it's not at the top of our usual toolbox of techniques. So I taped.

Ulnar to radial dorsal glide just distal to Guyon's canal. It worked. Not exactly sure why, but I think I know, and I know I'll work it out. I'll definitely try it again. Thank you Ali, thank you Tape may not be the answer next time, but something else will be. The sun will come up tomorrow everyone. Keep trying new things, keep smiling and eating croissants, because being cranky helps no one.

Stay safe and look after those fingers,


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